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Savory Baking

Discover Australian and New Zealand savory baking recipes from traditional pies to modern sausage rolls.

Irish soda bread
Soda bread has similar properties to traditional Australian bread "damper" and scones in that it is a quick bread

Aussie Meat Pie
The delicious Aussie meat pie is a small pie filled with ground beef, onions and gravy. The pie is usually topped with tomato sauce.

Australian and New Zealand Savory Baking Gallery
Australian and New Zealand Savory Baking Gallery

Bacon & Egg Pie Step-by-step
Learn how to make an Bacon & Egg pie with these simple step-by-step instructions.

Bacon & Egg Pie
Find out how to make a delicious and simple Bacon & Egg Pie pie. Great hot or cold, the pie can be eaten at any time of the day.

Baked Fries
Baked fries are a delicious, healthy and no hassle alternative French fries.

Cheese & Olive Damper
Baking bread has never been easier! This recipe is a take on the traditional Australian bread "damper." Damper is a yeastless bread made with flour, salt, water and sometimes milk. This particular recipe gives damper a makeover with the use of parmesan cheese, black olives and the inclusion of butter.

Chicken Pot Pie
For a no-fuss comfort food recipe, try out this delicious pot pie using tender chicken thighs, carrots, potato, fresh corn and leeks.

Cottage Pie
The traditional British Cottage Pie is a hearty and simple dish to prepare. It consists of ground beef cooked in a tomato-based sauce, peas and carrots and topped with a delicious crust of mashed potato. The Shepherds Pie is almost identical except it is made with ground lamb.

Curried Potato Sausage Rolls
Perfect for vegetarians or veggie-lovers, these delicious sausage rolls are filled with curried mashed potato, peas and carrots.

Individual Potato Pies
The individual pies are filled with delicious ground beef with gravy and topped with creamy mashed potato.

Individual Smoked Salmon Quiches
Perfect for breakfast, a picnic or a light snack, these individual smoked salmon quiches are simple to prepare and delicious to eat.

Moroccan Lamb Sausage Roll
Wow your tastebuds with this exotic Moroccan Sausage Roll recipe.

Mushroom & Arugula Quiche
Mushroom and arugula (roquette) quiches are easy to make, quick to bake and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, snacks, appetizers or taken on picnics.

Potato and Vegetable Pie
The perfect recipe for a nutritious and delicious vegetarian meal, this potato and vegetable pie is so easy to prepare and makes for great leftovers the next day.

Steak & Mushroom Pie
This hearty Steak & Mushroom Pie takes its roots from traditional British food. The steak is tender and full of flavor from being slow cooked.

Thai Chicken Sausage Rolls
Just the perfect thing for party finger food. This sausage roll has been given a Thai twist by adding garlic, chili and some fragrant cilantro.

Vegetarian Shepherds Pie
In this recipe the lentils are cooked with a variety of vegetables including celery, corn, okra and fresh herbs, topped with mashed potato and cheese. The pie is baked in the oven for 20 minutes or until the potato top is golden.

Cheese and herb scones
Whip up a batch of lovely cheese and herb scones for a quick and tasty snack. The secret to light, soft-textured scones is to use buttermilk

Recipe for curry puffs
Recipe for Curry Puffs

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