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Pacific Island & Polynesian Food

Island-hop around the Pacific to discover traditional cooking methods and food of the Polynesians. Explore modern Pacific food from the French influences of New Caledonia to the Indian-inspired fare of Fiji.

Butternut Dumplings
These fluffy Butternut Dumplings are also known as "Doughboys."

Doughboys Step-by-Step Instructions
Watch the step-by-step instructions on how to make these easy Butternut Squash Doughboys.

Kumara & Crab Bisque
Discover how to make a fragrant sweet potato soup topped with succulent crab meat.

Maori Boil-Up
A perfect recipe for big family dinners, the Maori boil-up is an institution not to be missed.

Pipi Soup
The "pipi" is a small shellfish also known as a "surf clam." This particular recipe is similar to a chowder. The tasty soup is infused with the salty pipi liquor and balanced by its sweet flesh.

Watercress Soup
In this recipe, freshly harvested watercress is cooked with potatoes, chicken stock, milk, onions and garlic to make a deliciously light soup.

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