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Oysters Three Ways


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Oysters Four Different Ways
Oysters Three Ways
Christina Soong-Kroeger

Oysters are one of the ultimate feasts. Briny, luscious and plump, they are ideal as an indulgent first-course appetizer or as a canapé for a cocktail party.

Luckily, Australia is blessed with some wonderful oysters, grown deep in the cold, clean waters of the Southern Ocean. Our seafood is world-class, commanding record prices at Japan's famous fish markets.

Some of the more common oyster varieties in Australia are Pacifics, Sydney Rock Oysters, and Angasis, our native oyster, once fished to extinction and now successfully reseeded and thriving once more.

Making oyster dishes at home isn't hard at all. You can buy the oysters either shucked or unshucked from your local fishmonger and then keep them chilled in your fridge until you're ready to cook them. Shucking oysters isn't hard to do but it can be a bit messy!

Here are four great ways to eat oysters.

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