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Easy Australian and New Zealand Recipes


Most traditional Australian and New Zealand food is easy to make. In this section, you can find a selection of traditional baking, seafood, soups, roasts and, of course, barbecue ideas. In the past two decades Australian food has broadened its horizons. So don't be surprised to find yourself tasting flavors from Thailand, Japan, Italy, Morocco and Turkey.
  1. Easy Breakfasts
  2. Basic Appetizers
  3. Simple Salads
  4. Easy Soups
  5. Basic Barbecue
  1. Easy Entrees
  2. Simple Sweet Baking & Desserts
  3. Simple Savory Baking
  4. Easy Non-alcholic Drinks

Easy Breakfasts

Smoked trout scrambled eggs

Start off the morning with an easy breakfast recipe, whether it be an indulgent weekend brekkie or a breakfast smoothie on the go.

Basic Appetizers

Beef Satay

Begin the meal with a variety of easy appetizers fused with flavours from around the world.

Simple Salads

Green bean salad

Try out a range of crisp, cool and delicious salads that can be served for almost any course of your meal. I hope these recipes will inspire you to enjoy these healthy additions to your meal.

Easy Soups

Spinach and Lentil Soup

Whether for lunch, as an appetizer or a meal in a bowl, choose from cool summer soups to hearty winter stews.

Basic Barbecue

Asian BBQ Chicken

Slap on some sunscreen and head outdoors for the barbecue season as the smell of summer rises from the charcoals. What follows are basic barbecue recipes for fish, seafood and lamb.

Easy Entrees

Angel hair pasta with prawns

Explore traditional pub fare to modern-day cuisine. From a humble meat pie to a fiery Tasmanian salmon curry, Australian food has developed its own unique style.

Simple Sweet Baking & Desserts

Lemon Ricotta Cupcakes

Try out some delicious desserts and legendary baked treats from the ballerina-inspired Pavlova to the wholesome crunch of the ANZAC Biscuit.

Simple Savory Baking

Aussie Meat Pie

Discover Australian and New Zealand savory baking recipes from traditional pies to modern sausage rolls.

Easy Non-alcholic Drinks

Sunrise Smoothie

Try out some delicious non-alcoholic drinks using anything from tropical passionfruit to the sweet tropical mango.

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