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8 Edible Australian Souvenirs for Foodies


8 Edible Australian Souvenirs for Foodies
Christina Soong-Kroeger
Dying for a taste of down under? Here are eight iconic and edible Australian food products that are easily transportable and guaranteed to please.

1. Tim Tams: Picture two rectangular chocolate biscuits sandwiched together with a chocolate filling and then dipped into melted chocolate. Tim Tams sound so simple but they taste absolutely divine. It’s no wonder they’re a staple in one out of two Australian households.

2. Haigh’s Chocolates: Haigh’s is Australia’s oldest chocolate manufacturer, having opened its doors in 1915. Haigh's sell a million jumbo chocolate frogs and freckles a year but it’s their gift boxes containing hand-made chocolate and truffles that chocolate aficionados can’t live without.

3. Beerenberg Tomato Sauce: From their farm in the Adelaide hills, this family-run company exports millions of bottles of award-winning sauces, jams, preserves and honey each year. Their tomato sauce is made from a secret blend of tomatoes, apples, chili and spices and is astonishingly good with sausages or fish and chips.

4. Bickford’s Lime Cordial: Bickford’s was founded in the 1840s and started making top quality cordials, syrups and drink mixes in the 1870s. Bickford’s Lime Cordial and Iced Coffee Mix are just two outstanding products in an award-winning line.

5. Menz Fruchocs: Menz produce all kinds of tempting dried fruit, sweets and chocolate products. However, the company is best known for its Fruchocs –- a chocolate-coated dried apricot and peach ball. In recent years, the company has brought out other fruit versions -- cherry, pineapple and blackcurrant -- but they have not achieved anywhere near the cult status of the original.

6. Tasty Toobs: Tasty Toobs are an addictive, salty, tomato flavoured, Cheezel-shaped snack. Production stopped for a while in the early 2000s due to declining sales but the public outcry was so great, Smiths Snackfoods started manufacturing them again in 2006. Fans love the distinctive roughness of the surface of the snack, which makes the top of your mouth feel pleasantly sore.

7. Vegemite: Made from brewer’s yeast, Vegemite is a salty black spread that is most commonly eaten on bread but can also be added to stocks and gravies as a flavouring device. High in natural MSG, vegemite on toast is often the breakfast of choice for many Australians after a big night out. The English Marmite is a similar but sweeter and runnier spread.

8. Maggie Beers’ Fig Paste: Maggie is one of the grande dames of the Australian food scene, with a 30+ year career spanning restaurants, cookbooks, TV and a line of gourmet pastes, ice creams, sauces and stocks. Her fig paste is a gorgeous addition to any cheese plate.

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