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Discover Australian & New Zealand Food

Discover the ever-changing face of Australian and New Zealand food: from its humble beginnings to diverse and innovative modern-day fare. Learn about the influences, the produce and the chefs that combine them.
  1. Cooking Basics (3)

Top 10 Winter-Warming Recipes
Top 10 Recipes for Winter

An Introduction to Australian and New Zealand Food
An Introduction to Australian and New Zealand Food

Australia Day Recipes
Australia Day is celebrated around the country on January 26. The national holiday is celebrated in a variety of ways including concerts, parades, beach parties, barbecues and bake sales. Traditionally Australia Day commemorates the landing of the First Fleet in Sydney in 1788 thus marking British colonization of the continent. Today Australia Day also celebrates multiculutralism, diversity and t…

Australia Day
Australia Day is celebrated on January 26 of each year. Find out how to commemorate the day with fun activities and delicious food.

Australian and New Zealand Party Treats Gallery
Treat friends and family to a selection of party goodies from chocolate oat cookies to coconut macaroons. Find the perfect desserts for birthdays or seasonal celebrations like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Deeks Bakery & Cafe
Find out more about Australia's Deeks Bakery & Cafe -- leading the way in gluten-free and grain-free baking.

Go Nuts with Macadamias
When you think of Macadamia nuts, you may think of the toasted and salted variety or even more commonly, Macadamia nut chocolates. But, this versatile little nut has so much more to offer.

Iconic Australian & New Zealand Foods
Australia has only been a country since 1901. New Zealand is not much older. Back then, food in Australia and New Zealand was as imported as the settlers who prepared it. In the short years since then, both countries have developed a range of food items which are quintessentially Australian and/or New Zealander. Sometimes they fight over who invented what and when.

Victors Food Tours
Victors Food Tours - South Coast

In Search of the Elusive Fifth Taste
Join me as I go in search of the elusive fifth taste -- umami.

Lemon Fennel Chili Flavored Salt
There are hundreds of options for flavored salt. In this recipe, sea salt is infused with dried lemon zest, fennel seeds and dried chili flakes. Flavored salt can be used on salads, meat or fish. It also makes a wonderful food gift idea.

Breakfast on the Bridge
Breakfast on the Bridge -- Crave Sydney

Mother's Day Recipes
Say "thank you" to mum with one of these scrumptious Mother's Day recipes from breakfast to dessert. Start the day with crepes and end the evening with an elegant champagne cocktail.

New Zealand Hazelnuts
The Hazelnut is a small nut primarily grown in Turkey, Spain and Italy. However, in the past few decades hazelnut farms have flourished in both Australia and New Zealand.

The Magic of Cheese-making with McIntosh & Bowman Cheesemongers
Sydney Cheesemaking Workshop - McIntosh & Bowman

Spice up your life with Herbs and Spices
Spices not only add flavor to food, but also contain many beneficial nutrients. Find out how you can spice up your life!

Sydney International Food Festival
The Sydney International Food Festival kicked off with the popular Sydney Morning Herald Growers’ Market with the biggest draw card of the day being the Nose to Tail BBQ with special guest, offal King, Fergus Henderson.

The Bondi Chicken Burger
Australians and New Zealanders eat approximately 7 million Bondi Chicken Burgers a year. What makes the burger so special is the freshly grilled, marinated chicken and the now legendary secret chilli sauce, whose ingredients no one has ever guessed.

The Egg
Find out more about nutrient-dense eggs including storing and cooking tips.

The Magic of Cheese-making with McIntosh & Bowman Cheesemongers
Join me as I discover the art and passion of cheese-making with Sydney cheesemongers McIntosh & Bowman.

Sydney International Food Festival 2009
Sydney International Food Festival 2009

The Secret to Snacking
Find out the secrets to healthy snacking that will help you maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Delicious snack ideas are included.

The Tim Tam Slam
The Tim Tam Slam is an Aussie coffee ritual. The Tim Tam Slam is a method of using these cookies as a straw to suck up a hot drink, like coffee and then eating it before it explodes.

Vanilla sugar
Vanilla sugar not only makes a wonderful food gift but is also just great to have in the pantry. I use it to sweeten my tea and occasionally to flavor cakes and cookies.

Top 10 Lamb Recipes
Australian and New Zealanders love their lamb. From a more formal and traditional roast, to a sausage roll inspired by North African cuisine, here are some takes on the most popular Lamb dishes coming out of New Zealand and Australia.

Top 10 Passionfruit Recipes
Passionfruit are are a small, round fruit with a hard purple casing. Inside the fruit is delicious, sweet and tangy yellow pulp that contains edible seeds. Passionfruit flourish in tropical weather and can be found growing in many Australian gardens or in the wild. They are used to flavor drinks, confectionery, icing, cakes and ice-cream. Here are some of the most popular passionfruit recipes in…

Top 5 Macadamia Nut Recipes
The Macadamia nut is Australia's only native product to be developed and exported commercially as a food crop. When you think of Macadamia nuts, you may think of the toasted and salted variety or even more commonly, Macadamia nut chocolates. But, this versatile little nut has so much more to offer.

Top 5 Sweet Potato Recipes
In New Zealand sweet potato is known as "kumara". It comes in several shades including the standard orange, red and gold. Each color has a distinct flavor. The following recipes highlight the most common variety being the orange kumara. When cooked, the orange kumara develops a rich, sweet flavor and can be used in salads, soups, pastas and pies. When buying kumara (sweet potato), choose firm roo…

Vegemite: An Australian Icon
A savory spread that defies description.

Victors Food Tours Australia -- South Coast Food Tour
Join me as I discover the seductive south coast of Sydney with Victor's food tours.

8 Edible Australian Souvenirs for Foodies
8 Australian food icons that make perfect souvenirs

72 Hours in Adelaide for Foodies
72 Hours in Adelaide for Foodies

72 Hours in Adelaide for Foodies
The Foodies Guide to Adelaide

An Australian Food & Wine Experience with Kangaroo Island Sailing

Willunga Farmers' Market

A Guide to Australian Honey
A Guide to Australian Honey: Part One

Part One of a series on Australia's food and wine festivals focuses on South...

Top 10 Winter Desserts
List of top 10 winter desserts

The Insider's Guide to Yum Cha
Guide to Eating Yum Cha (dim sum)

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