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Christina Soong-Kroeger

Christina Soong-Kroeger is a professional freelance writer, consultant, recipe developer, photographer and food blogger.


Christina has written about food, dining out, lifestyle, entertainment, and the arts for Sumptuous, Gram, Honest Cooking, The China Daily, That’s Shanghai, SH Weekly, Arts Hub, Rip It Up, dB and On Dit. As a consultant and freelance recipe developer and photographer, she has worked with leading Australian food companies and organisations.

Christina is also the Chief Eater at one of Australia’s leading food blogs, The Hungry Australian, where she documents her pursuit of a delicious life. The Hungry Australian has been profiled by Yummly, Sumptuous and Foodista, while Christina’s recipes and food photography have been featured on GourmetLive, Apartment Therapy’s The Kitchn, and The Hoopla. Her food photography regularly appears on Tastespotting, Tasteologie, Foodgawker and Serious Eats’ Photograzing, too. Three of Christina’s recipes from The Hungry Australian will also appear on the ABC’s updated Foodie app for iPad alongside recipes by leading Australian chefs like Simon Bryant, Maggie Beer, Matt Moran and Poh Ling Yeow.

Christina was music editor of Adelaide University's student newspaper, On Dit in 1995 and elected co-editor in 1996. She has also worked as a sub editor at a digital content agency.

After travelling extensively, and living in Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, Leeds and Melbourne, Christina truly has a global palette. She recently moved back to her hometown of Adelaide, South Australia, and is enjoying discovering its best eats all over again.


While Christina's formal training is in management, anthropology and Chinese, she is a voracious reader of cookbooks, food sites and food blogs, and regularly attends cooking classes and workshops.

By Christina Soong-Kroeger:

Welcome to Australian and New Zealand Food.

A passion for food is in my DNA. Born in Australia to Chinese parents from Hong Kong and Malaysia, I grew up eating barbecue, tuna mornay and meat & 3 veg as often as I ate stir fries, dumplings and curries.

Fortunately, Australia and New Zealand really are the lucky countries when it comes to food – we are blessed with astonishingly good produce, fantastic local markets and Chefs and producers that are innovative and adventurous.

Australian and New Zealand cuisine rest firmly on English roots but the influence of Asian and European immigrants and a newfound interest in native Australian (Aboriginal) flavours make them exciting, truly international cuisines.

I look forward to sharing the best of Australian and NZ food with you. To stay connected, follow me on Twitter at Australian Food on Twitter or receive updates via Australian Food on Facebook or Googleplus.

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