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It's important to have a collection of quick and easy recipes. So often, after a long day, cooking is the last thing you feel like doing. I find that choosing what to cook is often more stress-inducing than the cooking itself. This is why having a cache of simple pastas and stir-fries comes in so handy.

I made this Asian beef noodle stir-fry a couple of nights ago. It was delicious. It tasted better than take-out and was (I'm certain) far healthier.

I first marinate the beef strips in a mixture of tamari sauce (a low-sodium and wheat-free alternative to regular soy sauce), sesame oil and mirin. Mirin, an essential ingredient in Japanese cooking, is a syrupy rice wine used to enhance flavors with its subtle sweetness.

The only other ingredients in this dish are garlic, onion, bok choy and udon noodles. Itís very simple and can be further enhanced with anything from mushrooms to broccoli or snow peas. The beef can also be substituted with chicken or prawns.

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